Less touristic Corfu

Corfu (or Kerkyra as it is called by the Greeks), is one of the best known touristic islands in Greece. Every year it accepts several thousands visitors from all over the world.In fact, Corfu has been familiar with the tourism industry long before the rest of the Greek islands starting getting involved with it. The expansion of the airport’s runway in 1959 allowed for an even greater touristic development. Continue reading Less touristic Corfu

Delightful Crete

One of the best known holiday destinations of Greece is the island of Crete. Its tourist infrastructure is constantly developing to keep up with the demanding needs of its clients. Still, the island respects and appreciates its authenticity, doing its best to keep it intact.

Its traditional character lays in its natural beauty, its food, its architecture and, most of all, in its local people, who stubbornly refuse to give in to modern characteristics. Continue reading Delightful Crete