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Traveling to Greece is safe
Escapes to Greece

Is it safe to travel to Greece?

A lot has been said lately on whether Greece is a safe enough holiday retreat. Recent political events have been used to promote the argument

Spiral Engravings in Irakleia
Samantha Jones

The spiral rock engravings of Iraklia

Spira, a symbol of invigorating power for Greeks ever since the Palaiolithic Era will continue to appear throughout the Greek prehistory and history. Spiral shaped

Corfu island, Greece
Corfu island
Kaiti Psara

Less touristic Corfu

Corfu (or Kerkyra as it is called by the Greeks), is one of the best known touristic islands in Greece. Every year it accepts several

Crete island, Greece
Kaiti Psara

Delightful Crete

One of the best known holiday destinations of Greece is the island of Crete. Its tourist infrastructure is constantly developing to keep up with the

Sailing in Greece and the Greek islands
Samantha Jones

Sailing Greece

With a virtually unlimited number of beaches and coves and with a larhe number of hospitable ports, Greece is most definitely the queen of sailing.

Naxos, a world to experience

Naxos, a world to experience

Naxos holidays is all about having fun and exploring a new world of beauty, tranquility and activities. Choose your thing and join all of us

Arriving at Ithaki island, Greece
Ionian islands
Afrodite Nelson

My escape to Ithaki

You can call it as you like, Ithaca, Ithaki, Thiaki … the fact remains that this undiscovered Ionian island has remained in my heart ever

Greek food
Kaiti Psara

Yummy Greek summer food

Nothing describes Greek summer better than the smell and taste of the deep fried calamari. Chewy with a crispy crust that delivers within seconds the

Nafpaktos port

Romantic Nafpaktos

This beautiful and romantic town of 20,000 inhabitants, borders the north of the Corinthian Gulf and is one of the most traditional and historic places

There is so much to say about Greece and the Greeks that, no matter how many blogs are created about this beautiful country, there is always room for more.

In this blog, we wish to write our own experiences from our many travels to Greece and the Greek islands. This way, you will experience Greece through our eyes. Yet another perspective added to the World Wide Web.

Our team comprises of a selection of travel addicts from Greece and other parts of Europe and the world. We travel to Greece during all 4 seasons, absorbing as many experiences as possible (both good and bad).

What all authors of this blog share in common is a deep love for this great country and a massive appreciation for its culinary delights, still unknown to many tourists. The magic of Greece has touched modern civilization like no other culture has. It has carved its ideas so deep that its spirit is still alive in all of us. In essence, we are all partially Greeks.

For all travellers who wish to capture the very essence of this country, it is necessary to visit Greece off-season, away from the flocks of tourists who just want to have a swim and some drinks.

Try to see how the locals live their everyday lives and not just in the most touristic places. Eat their food, try to speak their language as best as possible and be their friend. Get to know them, speak with them and exchange ideas. See, first hand, how life moves on away from the big cities, where the crazy rhythm has dehumanized nearly everybody.

Mediterranean & Greek culinary delights

Greek cuisine is simple and based on good quality ingredients and, of course, olive oil. Did you know that the Greeks are the world’s top consumers of cheese and olive oil? It is in every food and in most sweets.

Although fast food has entered all major cities, it has never managed to gain the hearts of the locals. Greeks still want quality food, which can explain the country’s high average lifespan.

Holidays in Greece

Greek holidays is not all about the touristic beaches where umbrellas, sunbeds and clubs have taken over the natural landscape. In most areas, a short walk or drive may take you to an entirely different beach, where few, picky tourists enjoy piece and quiet in a pristine environment.

Such places can be found even in the busiest Greek islands. It is all up to you to explore its hidden natural treasures and experience a different type of holiday and relaxation. In our travel blog, we will show you such places since we are huge fans of anything remote and untouched by mass tourism.

Join us

If travelling in Greece excites you and have something to share, feel free to contact us and become an author for this blog.

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