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Sailing the Aegean Sea

Sailing is undoubtedly the ultimate holiday experience, as those who have tried it will confirm. It is something out of the ordinary. You get to see shores that you normally wouldn’t, dive into the deep blue sea from the deck and if the captain is nice enough, he will let you navigate the boat (hopefully after some basic instructions). Keep in mind that all captains around the planet are very sensitive with their vessels, as they should be, so show the proper respect. Continue reading Sailing the Aegean Sea

Sailing Greece

With a virtually unlimited number of beaches and coves and with a larhe number of hospitable ports, Greece is most definitely the queen of sailing. Except for its northern borders, the rest of the country is surrounded by sea.

Being a top sailing destination for decades now, Greece has expanded its amenities to the fans of this lucrative activity, offering at the same time many opportunities for sailing boat rentals for those who do not own one.

Many sailing boat owners have turned their hobby to a business. They embark from various ports of Greece and the Greek islands to nearby destinations on daily tours or excursions that may last for many days.

Summer in Greece is all about sun and fun. Sailing is most definitely the epitomy of fun!

Bookings are usually made ahead, by couples or groups of friends who desire to live an out of the ordinary experience and at the same time get to know more of the Greek coastline.

Sailing Greece is a dream for many people. There are only a few places on the planet offering such a variety of sceneries. If you are thinking about it, do not hesitate. It will be something you will always remember. The big secret is to choose the right captain who will not only give you all the details of the route but also allow you to take part in the navigation of the vessel and learn first hand from the expert himself.