I need a holiday!

Oh yes, I do need a holiday. Summer is getting closer day by day and I am getting impatient. All these cold winter months with very little sun have taken their toll on my usually happy disposition. I really feel like this guy in the photo that can’t manage to concentrate to work.

My destination for 2016 is Greece, again. This time, I am starting with a 2 week holiday break in mid May, visiting some of the Cyclades islands. This will not be my first visit there, but I just can’t get enough of them.

The anticipation is great. I wake up each morning thinking which swimsuits to take with me, which shoes will be more comfortable for my island explorations and how big will my suitcase be. All clothes have already been gathered on the couch and I even now I know that they won’t fit in one suitcase, no matter how big. Greece, here I come …

Traditional Cyclades islands

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