My favourite Greek islands

Greek islands

What an amazing country. Except for its northern part where Greece borders with its neighbouring Balkan countries, it is surrounded by sea. Its coastline stretches to an amazing length of nearly 15,000 km.

Its most touristic areas are the famous Greek islands. There is such a great variety of islands and islets at sizes starting from a few square kilometres to the size of Crete and they number more than 3,000.

What makes the Greek islands so appealing is their unique and authentic character to be found nowhere else in the world. This extends to the climate, the landscape, the architecture, the food and the locals. To be more precise, visiting each group of islands in Greece is like visiting a different country altogether.

Greek islands
Travelling around the Greek islands

Greek islands history is rich and different for every group, shaping the people and their customs in a unique way. What they all share in common is their love for their homeland and their strong will to remain independent.

Apart from these you will also find them very open hearted, strong minded, noisy and always happy to assist you in any possible way. So, when it comes to travelling to the Greek islands, apart from the amazing beaches, the fantastic weather and the delicious food, it is the people I love the most. And it has become a habit of mine to find out how different or similar they really are, from one island to another. That could only mean more travelling for me. Not bad!

When they ask me which of the Greek islands are my favourite … well, I still don’t know. Everyone of them has its own charm. I am well aware that several online magazines keep publishing articles, trying to give an answer to that question. Maybe noone can do that, which explains why they keep changing their minds each year.

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