Naxos Town has it all

Naxos Town

Most Cycladic islands’ capitals are small and populated during summer mostly. But this is not the case for Naxos Town, the capital of Naxos island. There are crowds and fun all year round. There are nearly 2000 permanent inhabitants in the town’s centre and the nearest suburbs. Not to mention that most of them are young. This is what keeps the island’s capital always so vibrant, even when the tourists have gone home.

There is so much to see in Naxos Town and so much to do. It is undoubtedly one of the most historic places on the island and the whole of the Cyclades. Its two main attractions are the Portara, the huge and striking marble gate at the entrance of the port and, of course, the Castle, with its alleyways filled with small and picturesque shops,  bars and restaurants.

Its amphitheatrical position provides unique views of the port and the island of Paros, which is right oposite, at a distance of approximately 5 nautical miles. On a clear day, you get the impression it is so close you could swim there. At the marina, the fishing boats and sailing boats are like a beautiful postcard, inviting you to join them in new maritime adventures. Many of them offer tours for fishing and sailing on the open sea.

The taverns along the “paralia” serve their ouzo and dried octopus, spreading their titillating aroma along the whole waterfront. What better way to advertise your business! And for those with historic interests, there is always the Archaeological Museum and Yria Sanctuary. Let us not forget the Old Market, ideal for long promenades and, of cource, Saint George beach with all the beachfront taverns, snack-bars and sports clubs. So, now you know what Naxos Town has to offer. And that is not all, the rest you will discover for yourself.

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