Less touristic Corfu

Corfu island, Greece

Corfu (or Kerkyra as it is called by the Greeks), is one of the best known touristic islands in Greece. Every year it accepts several thousands visitors from all over the world.In fact, Corfu has been familiar with the tourism industry long before the rest of the Greek islands starting getting involved with it. The expansion of the airport’s runway in 1959 allowed for an even greater touristic development.

There is plenty of rain in Corfu (and the other Ionian islands for that matter), which explains the island’s dense forests and rich vegetation. However, its tourist season starts as early as April.

For those of us who would love to go there but insist on having some sort of privacy, Corfu is still an ideal destination. Most tourists gather in certain areas only that offer various amenities for their comfort. These areas are quite easy to spot while getting around the island and, therefore, equally easy to avoid, if so required. If you wish to be better prepared, an early internet search will provide all this information well in advance.

By avoiding areas with big hotels and by visiting Corfu island anytime between April and June or between September and October, you will find all the privacy you need.

So, if you do want to enjoy this exquisite combination of green and blue, to relax your eyes and soul, you will love Corfu with its fantastic beaches, its historic sites and its marvellous architecture. There is so much to see and do in Corfu and still escape the masses.

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