Off season holidays in Greece

Off season holidays in Greece

During high season, holidays in Greece are a BIG deal. The islands are packed with people from all over the world and Greek is no longer the “official” language. However, off season holidays in Greece play an equally significant role in the development of the tourist areas; they help them establish a good name and a professional image.

Now, as August approaches its end, many holiday makers are preparing to get back home as their holidays are nearly over. By August 25th, the majority of tourists will abandon Greece and the Greek islands. The scenery will suddenly change.

Beaches, villages and all sightseeing spots will be less crowded, there will be no waiting at the local taverns and restaurants, prices will come down and locals will be more relaxed.

Holidays in GreeceHolidays in Greece

It is now that the second wave of tourists arrives. They are those who have the ability to travel off-season and do so by choice. Availability in ferries, planes and accommodation is much easier the closer you get to September. What is more important is the fact that you get to choose where to stay or eat and have more and better choices.

This can easily be classified as “quality tourism”. In the Aegean Sea, the Meltemi wind is more infrequent, allowing you to swim in calmer seas and enjoy your summer sports in a pristine environment with a relaxing spirit. Everything seems easier, fuller plentiful and luxurious.

If your visits to Greece have only been during high season, it may be in your best interests to consider changing your habits just once. After all, everyone knows quality always wins at the end.


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