Sailing the Aegean Sea

Sailing Naxos and the Small Cyclades

Sailing is undoubtedly the ultimate holiday experience, as those who have tried it will confirm. It is something out of the ordinary. You get to see shores that you normally wouldn’t, dive into the deep blue sea from the deck and if the captain is nice enough, he will let you navigate the boat (hopefully after some basic instructions). Keep in mind that all captains around the planet are very sensitive with their vessels, as they should be, so show the proper respect.

My sailing trip was an experience I will always cherish. You need to know that I am not the most adventurous type of tourist but it was a couple that I met while holidaying on Naxos that persuaded me to take the leap of faith. I could never thank them enough.

Of course, my first and main thought was “are we going to be safe?”. Which is why I found the most sought-after captain on the whole island, Captain George. With his yacht Annabella we set sail towards Rina Cave. It was essentially a sort of time travel. The 20,000 year old cave with its stalactites is a marvel of nature. And then came the jump from the cliff! Was I scared? Oh yes. But I did it anyway.

Parthena, Naxos

After that we reached Koufonissi for a quick swim and a nice meal. Let me tell you a little secret, I had a good breakfast in the morning and I had brought a sandwich with me, just in case I got very hungry, which I did. My trip was about the sea and the sailing boat so that helped me not waste a minute. I kept on swimming while the others were having their lunch. Later on, I joined them for a glass of wine.

There saw no dolphins or sea turtles as I expected but you cannot force nature, can you? Next time perhaps. Should you visit Naxos, don’t think about it, join Naxos Sailing Tours and let Captain George show you the area as he knows best.

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