The spiral rock engravings of Iraklia

Spiral Engravings in Irakleia

Spira, a symbol of invigorating power for Greeks ever since the Palaiolithic Era will continue to appear throughout the Greek prehistory and history. Spiral shaped shapes and engravings have been found in many areas in Greece and the Cyclades where archaeologists believe they had been inhabited.

Spiral shapes (spira or speira) depict the way life is formed and it is seen in galaxies, in our DNA, in vortexes, in sea shells, … nearly everywhere.

For prehistoric people, spira bears divine origins and was a sign of power.

It was in 1997 that Mr. Kanakis came face to face with spiral shaped engravings while visiting Iraklia, a quiet non touristic island in the Small Cyclades group, with 100 inhabitants more or less.

It is not yet known why the specific locations had been chosen and there are various opinions with either astrological or other explanation. Some scientists even consider that they served as graveyard area markers.

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