Spring in Greece

Voidomatis river in Epirus

It is already March 21st and it is about time we say goodbye to winter. Spring is already here. The spring equinox has just passed (March 19th to 20th), signifying that the days are now getting longer than the nights. More light, more warmth, more time to enjoy outdoors, there is always something nice to excpect from Spring. 

In most parts of Greece, winter 2016 has been the mildest anyone can remember. Little snow has fallen (compared to previous years) and temperatures in most areas had a minimum of about 5 degrees Celcius. Even with these mild temperatures, there has still been enough rain and snow to fill the Greek rivers which now come to life.

Spring in Greece
Spring flowers in Athens, Greece

At this time, every field, rock, tree and beach bears the features of spring. Colourful flowers appear out of nowhere on land, among the rocks, aside the roads … everywhere. The trees have grown new branches and leaves and soon, they will produce their fruit or seeds. Aromatic herbs are now growing faster than ever, gaining height and strength. Every now and then, additional rain waters the earth providing more nutrients to all plants.

Spring also signifies the start of the tourist season in Greece and especially for areas in the southern part of the country. Islands such as Crete, Rhodes, Kos and Santorini are ready to accept the first tourists from abroad. The rest will have to wait till the middle of spring (around may 15).

Peloponnese is at its best, being a mostly rural region. Greeks exploit the weekends for a short holiday of relaxation in nature. It is now about time the shepherds let their livestock free on the fields to graze the green. If you haven’t been in Greece during spring time, then it is hightime you knew that it is the best season to travel to Greece. Everything is more beautiful, more fresh, more aromatic and cheaper. Whether you decide to visit one of the Greek islands or inland Greece, you will see the country like you’ve never seen it before … at its very best.

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