Summer workout

Summer exercise

Summer holidays at last! Time to relax and unwind. With the temperature rising, it feels a bit hard to get involved in anything even remotely “active”. Sometimes, even walking seems unbearable. Not so fast … there seem to be various tips and tricks to help us get off of our bed, chair or sunbed and start working out, giving some life to our muscles and enjoying the numerous benefits of a good summer exercise. 

The early morning workout: The sun is still down and the temperature is much cooler. You will be amazed by the results. You can walk or run for much longer distances without sweating. Still, you should always carry a bottle of water with you. After all, it is still summer. Is an early wakeup too hard for you? Move on to tip number 2.

Late afternoon workout: Not as cool as the previous one but it is your second best option. Take a cool shower first, put on your swim suit and some light clothes and hit the road.

Late afternoon summer workout

Take it slowly: No need to rush. This is not a race. If you feel it is still too hot, slow down or forget about it and go for a cool drink. There is always another day.

Change path: Some places are cooler and offer great shade. Choose them instead of your usual exercise area. If you spot a park with large trees or a windy beach, then these are ideal places to work out without getting too sweaty and tired.

Do not exercise for too long: It is always best to work out many times during the day, for shorter periods of time.

Choose a gym: Does your hotel have an indoor and air-conditioned gym? You are lucky. A 30 minute exercise there will do you a world of good. Many hotels in Greece are now equipped with all modern facilities among which a fully equipped gym. Such spaces are usually empty during the summer, as most tourists prefer to exercise out in the open (or not at all!).

Walking and swimming during summer in Greece

If possible, swim: Are you next to a lake, river or beach? Then swimming is the best form of exercise. And you will never sweat, guaranteed! So, get in the water and start swimming the best way you can. Your swimming skills are of no importance as long as you can float and you are not afraid of the water. Most beaches in Greece are very safe even for swimmers with the most basic swimming skills. In all other cases, lifeguards will provide details. Ask them if you see them there.

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