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Sailing the Aegean Sea

Sailing is undoubtedly the ultimate holiday experience, as those who have tried it will confirm. It is something out of the ordinary. You get to see shores that you normally wouldn’t, dive into the deep blue sea from the deck and if the captain is nice enough, he will let you navigate the boat (hopefully after some basic instructions). Keep in mind that all captains around the planet are very sensitive with their vessels, as they should be, so show the proper respect. Continue reading Sailing the Aegean Sea

Selecting the right hotel in Corfu

I’ll tell you right now, it hadn’t been easy. It takes a great deal of talent to be able to choose a place to stay wisely. Most people fail and they end up spoiling their holiday for no apparent reason. Why? Because most of us don’t know what we really want in life. So, take a wild guess what happens when we are about to choose among hundreds of hotels. It’s chaos! Continue reading Selecting the right hotel in Corfu

Naxos, at the mercy of winter

The Greek islands are known for their moderate climate but during the last 3 years they have been experiencing some really cold winters. Snow has been falling on Naxos like never before, reaching its shores and taking the locals completely by surprise.

Luckily, it doesn’t last for too long. In only a few days, the sun is up, shinning in all it glory, restoring the climate to its usual state. Still, the northern winds are blowing, smashing the waves onto the sharp rocks of Grotta of Naxos Town, a sight much appreciated by all nature lovers.

This photo was taken yesterday (January 20th) and our photographer enjoyed not just the view but also the thunderous sound of the crashing waves.

Packing for Greece summer holidays

Most of us have done this several times, but each time it is equally difficult. All our clothes, accessories, cosmetics … lay on our bed for days, next to our luggage but not even our wildest imagination can’t fit them in there!

So, each time, our summer holidays start in stress and confusion. This is not how it is supposed to be at all. Continue reading Packing for Greece summer holidays

Exploring the Small Cyclades

Cyclades islands holidays is not all about the frenzy Mykonian parties, the idyllic sunsets of Santorini, the appealing nightlife of Paros and the secluded beaches of Naxos.

For those who wish to explore the “other way” of holidaying, the Small Cyclades are an ideal destination. It is only recently that they have been discovered by the majority of tourists while they had always been an attraction point for nature lovers and for those who appreciate the most traditional of the Greek islands. Continue reading Exploring the Small Cyclades

When is the best time to travel to Greece?

Tourist season in Greece is during summer and it starts as early as April (in southern Greece) and May, for the rest of the country. It ends for most people during the first days of September while for some others it goes on till the middle of October. In Crete and Rhodes, tourists season stops only for 4 months a year, from late autumn till the end of winter.

The tourist season is divided in three sections, low, middle and high season (usually mid July till August 20th).

How to choose when to travel to Greece

It all depends on how you want to spend your holidays. Low season (usually from April till the first days of June) is the best time to travel to Greece if you want to spend as little money as possible and enjoy a crowd free holiday. Weather is cooler, beaches are your to enjoy, service is better (less customers to satisfy) and people are more relaxed.

High season is the most expensive of them all but you can still find good quality, affordable accommodation by slightly changing your requirements. This is the period when you will have to share a place at your favourite beach with other people and to wait a bit more to get served at the restaurants and bars. But, you know what some people say: the more the merrier.

If you want a bit of both, then try the middle season. Whenever you decide to travel to Greece, know that it is the beautiful country and its great people that will make your holiday special. Rest assured that if you keep an open mind and explore true Greece, it will be a lot more than a wonderful holiday; it will be a great experience.

My favourite Greek islands

What an amazing country. Except for its northern part where Greece borders with its neighbouring Balkan countries, it is surrounded by sea. Its coastline stretches to an amazing length of nearly 15,000 km.

Its most touristic areas are the famous Greek islands. There is such a great variety of islands and islets at sizes starting from a few square kilometres to the size of Crete and they number more than 3,000.

What makes the Greek islands so appealing is their unique and authentic character to be found nowhere else in the world. This extends to the climate, the landscape, the architecture, the food and the locals. To be more precise, visiting each group of islands in Greece is like visiting a different country altogether.

Greek islands
Travelling around the Greek islands

Greek islands history is rich and different for every group, shaping the people and their customs in a unique way. What they all share in common is their love for their homeland and their strong will to remain independent.

Apart from these you will also find them very open hearted, strong minded, noisy and always happy to assist you in any possible way. So, when it comes to travelling to the Greek islands, apart from the amazing beaches, the fantastic weather and the delicious food, it is the people I love the most. And it has become a habit of mine to find out how different or similar they really are, from one island to another. That could only mean more travelling for me. Not bad!

When they ask me which of the Greek islands are my favourite … well, I still don’t know. Everyone of them has its own charm. I am well aware that several online magazines keep publishing articles, trying to give an answer to that question. Maybe noone can do that, which explains why they keep changing their minds each year.

Less touristic Corfu

Corfu (or Kerkyra as it is called by the Greeks), is one of the best known touristic islands in Greece. Every year it accepts several thousands visitors from all over the world.In fact, Corfu has been familiar with the tourism industry long before the rest of the Greek islands starting getting involved with it. The expansion of the airport’s runway in 1959 allowed for an even greater touristic development. Continue reading Less touristic Corfu