Travel blogs, does anybody read this stuff?

Blogging during holidays

Why do we blog? Why bother to write down our thoughts and experiences, to spend money on a good camera, to learn photo and video editing and share our work? There is more to blogging than most people realize.

I do not know why most bloggers do it but I can only provide my point of view. It is definitely not about the money. There is very little money and for many months (years maybe) no money at all. Then why bother? Well, deep down, most bloggers believe that people will eventually want to learn about their experiences, discover new destinations or learn some real tips about places, hotels and restaurants that you would normally not find in any tourist guide. There is a hidden wish that some people will want to see the world through their eyes.

And this is the real secret behind a good blog and a professional blogger. Most, if not all, information needs to be tested first hand. You must have visited the beach of Mykonos before you write anything about it, if you want to have a faithful audience that values your opinion. You must taste that spicy cheese salad before you begin to write how spicy it really was.

We must never forget that bloggers simply express their opinion or, at best,  gather information from other tourists with similar experiences. Then, what is the real purpose of a blog post and why would anyone care whether I trully liked my cocktail last night or not? The truth is that they do not care and why should they?

Blogging is not about gathering a bunch of opinions that, in the end, may not provide any essential assistance for our own holidays. It is all about reading something new, something we have never tried before, even if trivial. It helps us see new things or see ordinary things with a new perspective. It helps us make new plans or hopefully avoid common traps, if enough information has been gathered.

But most of all, it makes us daydream of an amazing holiday, with its ups and downs which we should always face with a positive attitude and hope that, no matter what, our holiday can be even better that those we are reading about.

Ultimately, it is not always what bloggers say, but how they make us think and feel that matters the most.

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