Stuffed vine leaves

Dolmades is how the Greeks call it, stuffed vine leaves is how the rest of the world knows it. No matter how you name it, it is one of the most delicious dishes of the Greek cuisine that can be eaten as a meal or as a meze. It also escorts nearly every ouzo or tsipouro glass in the traditional café and tavernas.

The recipe includes very few ingredients and it is rather easy to make, with some delay while you wrap the filling with the vine leaves, until you can get the hang of it.

It may be vegeterian or not (the traditional recipe includes minced meat) as well. The big secret is to make the wrap not too tight, as the rice will eventually expand and may crack the leaves.

Now comes the most important part, the eating. Normally, you will have in your refrigerator one tomato, a cucumber, a few olives, capers, some salty cheese … and hopefully, you may find some ouzo (or tsipouro). Add the dolmades as well and there you have it!

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